Mother Nature’s Super Food Since 2018!

As an alternative protein company specialising in insect-based protein for human consumption, Ento believes that nutritious and healthy food should be a human right. Their mission is to provide consumers with access to safer, healthier, and more reliable food sources through the wonders of insect consumption (entomophagy).

The unprecedented growth of human populations and economies has led to an ever-increasing demand for food. As populations get richer, they move away from plant-based proteins to instead incorporate more meat into their diets. This trend is unsustainable, which is why Ento has come up with the solution to alleviate our current food system pressures with crickets. Crickets have up to 3x more protein than beef and require 2000x less water than livestock farming, 14x less land, and emits 100x less greenhouse gas emissions.

Ento produces a wide range of products including snacks, cricket powder, and baked goods. Working with food distributors, food manufacturers, and retailers across the region, they have also recently launched the newly developed Entomeat, a formulation of plant-based ingredients powered by cricket protein.

This incredible company is a superpower in the alternative protein world, providing healthier protein alternatives at a lower cost.