One Planet Pizza

Creating a better planet one slice at a time.

Have a passion for pizza and saving the planet? Then One Planet Pizza is the company for you.

This organization puts little focus into lining its pockets but instead puts passion behind ensuring all business operations are run with the planet in mind. With the mission to help create a better planet one pizza at a time, One Planet Pizza knows that the best way to inspire more consumers to be sustainably conscious is through their stomachs, with the tastiest plant-based pizzas on the market.

One Planet Pizza has kept the environment top of mind when designing its business model. Partnering with One Tree Planted, they are committed to funding the reforestation and restoration of global wildlands and natural forest areas. Planting one tree for every 50 One Planet Pizzas, this organisation is taking a proactive stance to battle climate change with 2900 trees that have already been planted. This progressive company also upcycles all of their cardboard waste into eco-packaging materials, ensuring all packaging is 100% biodegradable and recyclable to ensure no One Planet Pizza packaging ends up in landfill.


Enjoy the pizza of the future at Sustainable Foods London this March –