Paving the way in insect protein solutions

Established in 2020, in Vilnius, Lithuania, Divaks is a company developing fully automated vertically integrated technology for insect protein production, with the end goal of providing high-quality insect protein solutions for premium food products.

Divaks mission is to ensure sustainability and traceability in every step. Developing a fully automated vertically integrated insect protein business by only using environmentally friendly by-products from the local agriculture and food industry. Their R&D team is currently specialising in improving mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) maintenance procedures, creating various diets to enhance nutritional and physiological values as well as improving insect drying and protein purification methods. Their experienced team is constantly working on a unique model to create the best solutions from breeding to individually crafted products for human consumption.

Divaks specialises in mealworm protein as it has high nutritional benefits, containing all the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Their unique vertically-integrated technology and mealworms biology, make them the perfect source of sustainable proteins. Mealworm protein matches the quality of beef and the sustainability of many plant-based alternatives – making it a delicious and ethical meat alternative.