My Emissions

Connecting sustainable companies with climate-conscious consumers.

Do you believe in a world where everyone and everyone can understand the climate impact of the food we consume? My Emissions do, which is why they are on a mission to make carbon labellling quick, simple, and affordable for all food companies. Aiming to help establish food brands as sustainable to empower them to reach more climate-conscious customers.

The inception of My Emissions was born from frustration at the time and the cost of consultancies- carbon labellling shouldn’t cost the earth, nor take 2-3 months to complete. From day 1, their focus has been on making the process accessible to everyone, to encourage consumers and businesses alike to start making more sustainable choices through the power of information.

Sustainable companies are fast becoming the next big thing, with 67% of consumers being more likely to purchase from brands reducing their carbon footprint and 83% of consumers considering the environment when making a purchase. So how can My Emissions help your company reach these enlightened consumers?

There are many benefits of working with My Emissions. First and foremost, you will understand your carbon footprint and can use this to establish yourself as a sustainable brand. Having this data allows you to compare yourself to similar products or companies, identify ways to reduce your impact, and communicate this to consumers (fostering brand loyalty). Carbon labellling your products helps you build brand loyalty, develops your ‘green’ credentials, and establishes you as a sustainability leader within the food industry.