Bottle Up

    Spring water in a uniquely designed reusable bottle, made from sugar cane

    Spring water in a uniquely designed reusable bottle, made from sugar cane.  

    Water on the go is not going away. And why should it? These days, it’s part of our carefree, active lifestyles. The convenience of bottled water is great! It’s the wastefulness that has to go. Instead of asking people to change their lifestyle, we changed the bottle. 

    Our bottle is better. It’s made from renewable sugar cane, which is better for the planet. It’s BPA free so you can reuse it again and again, which reduces single-use plastics. And it’s filled with pure spring water, so it’s always refreshing.  

    Bottle Up is water on the go, without the woes. 

    Our bottles are made entirely from sugar cane. We chose sugar cane, because it’s a low impact crop, requiring little to no fertilizer or additional irrigation. Sugar cane as the name implies, is where we get sugar. But that’s not all we get. 
    Once all the sweet stuff is squeezed out, the remaining pulp, called bagasse, can then be used as fuel, feed, fertilizer, or in our case, turned into durable plant-based plastic. 

    Bottle Up is 100% BPA Free.  

    That means you can reuse it again and again. Refill it for your daily commute, your weekend bike trip, or just keep a full Bottle Up in your bag as an emergency goldfish resuscitation system, or to put out tiny forest fires. But the best part is, you’ll never need a single-use bottle again. 

    Think global. Drink local. 

    We don’t drag our water halfway across the world from sacred Polynesian springs. Why?  

    Two reasons. 

    1. Because Polynesians need their own water. 
    2. Because it’s stupid. 

    Our water comes from local sources, close to where it’s sold. Less transport means less CO2, and that means less global warming. Bottle Up cools, and refreshes in more ways than one. Clever aye? 

    Bottle Up is currently stocked nationally by WHSmith & Morrisons. Watch this space though, as Bottle Up could soon come to a chiller near you!  

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