Divaks is creating insect protein solutions for the food industry. Established in 2020, in Vilnius, Lithuania, the company is developing fully automated vertically integrated technology for insect protein production.

Our goal is sustainability and traceability in every step, we are committed to using environmentally friendly by-products from the local agriculture and food industry for our breeding process.

Our in-house R&D department is specializing in improving mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) maintenance procedures, creating various diets to enhance nutritional and physiological values, improving insects drying and protein purification methods etc.

An experienced team of professionals is working on a unique model to create the best solutions from breeding to individually crafted insect protein ingredients fit for human consumption.


    Insect Protein Solutions

    All our solutions are a great alternative to regular protein, their nutritional values are of great quality. Various forms of insect protein solutions might be used in food production, including meat alternatives, sports nutrition, confectionary, bakery, and other foods.

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    Lukas Špakauskas

    Sales & Marketing Manager

    +370 612 29340


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