Ento is an alternative protein company specialising in insect-based protein for human consumption based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded in 2018, we are widely recognised as the pioneer for insect-protein for human consumption in South-east Asia. Our mission is provide healthy and sustainable food for the planet! 

Our products include a range of snacks, cricket powder, and baked goods. We work with food distributors, food manufacturers and retailers across the region. We recently launched our newly developed Entomeat, a formulation of plant-based ingredients powered by cricket protein. Entomeat comes in a minced meat form that holds it texture and is versatile to form into various products such as burger patties, sausages, meatballs and more.

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    Entomeat is an alternative protein utilising insect-based protein for human consumption. Entomeat provides consumers a new form of alternative protein by creating familiar products that are tasty, versatile and sustainable to produce.

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