Recyclable Isothermal Box

    Searching for a sustainable solution to preserve the compliancy during the whole chain?

    Etheclo strongly believes that everyone on the globe deserves access to healthy food and medication.

    We can offer you a reusable, recyclable isothermal box for the first and last mile deliveries of your temperature sensitive goods: cold, frozen and even hot.

    Our boxes can be equipped with our sensors that communicate with Etheclomonitor, our cloud platform that allows you to monitor your goods by means of your PC, tablet or smartphone from any place in the world by a simple password or API connection.

    Ethecloboxes and sensors are actually used by multiple retailers and merchants for the home delivery of their groceries but are also used at pickup points, and in parcel lockers.

    Recently, the most important distributor of pharmaceutical products in Belgium, preferred our concept above various competitors because of the flexibility and reliability of our solution, which can be used as well in electric vehicles as in cargo bikes or vans.

    Furthermore, our sensors can be applied independently in fridges, freezers, or greenhouses to monitor temperature, humidity and light conditions of vegetables.

    Interesting and appealing for your business? In that case, don’t hesitate to come along and visit or contact us!

    Stop thinking out of the box – start thinking in and around the Etheclobox

    Sales contacts:

    Jos Miermans

    +32 495 55 17 35

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