The Green Vic aims to be the worlds most ethical drinks wholesaler, where every drink makes the world a better place.

The Green Vic employs vulnerable people (i.e. the homeless, ex-offenders, army veterans or people with a disability), contributes to over 100 charities and all 17 UN Goals.

Company Products (these products below epitomise what we are as a company)

    Cantium Gin

    We are the exclusive distributors of Cantium Gin, the worlds first gin in a reusable flask that also helps the homeless.

      Really Good Beer Society

      We are the exclusive distributors of Really Good Beer Society where every beer donates to a different charity, i.e:

      • Pilsner that provides clean drinking water in Africa via charity:water
      • IPA that removes plastic from the ocean via Ocean Generation
      • Pale Ale that protects rainforests via the Rainforest Trust
      • Lager that helps reduce carbon in the atmosphere via the Soil Association

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