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Here at MOOPOPS we’ve been getting our milk delivered for years. There are so many reasons why we love it.

There’s something very satisfying about pouring your milk or juice from a glass bottle and let’s face it, the milk bottle is a classic, it reminds us all of years gone by. It’s great to be able to open the front door in the morning and know your fresh milk will be there waiting for you. It’s also an easy way to support local business and the dairy industry directly. 

More importantly, we’re trying to use less plastic. Milk bottles are used between 20 – 50 times each before they get recycled, compared to the plastic bottle’s once, most of which still go in landfill.The only negative in the milk bottle story is those goddamn foil tops. It used to drive us mad trying to constantly balance the crumpled foil on top of the bottle, they certainly don’t keep the milk fresh, once you’ve opened your bottle they’re pretty pointless. So we came up with the idea of a reusable silicone top.

Our milk bottle tops have been a game changer but we wanted to do more. The goal with our Pot Tops is to try and help the big brands slow the production of single use plastic flooding the market every day. We realise we’re stuck with some of the plastic we use in our lives but there’s a lot we don’t need. We hope that by giving customers a reusable, more conscientious options, it will help make it possible for supermarkets and the big brands to make the decision to #ditchthelid on yoghurt and cream pots. 
If we all take small steps we can make big changes!


    Milk Bottle Tops

    3 reusable silicone tops specifically designed to fit standard UK one pint glass milk bottles.

      Pot Tops

      2 reusable silicone tops specifically designed to fit standard yoghurt and cream pots.

        1 Litre Tops

        2 reusable silicone tops specifically designed to fit standard (43mm) 1 litre and 500ml bottles.

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