Nutr Machine

    The Nutr Machine allows consumers to make their own plant-based milk right at home, at the push of a button. Nutr also serves B2B markets within the hospitality industry to create nut & plant-based milks for business needs. Nutr further carries a line of Living Collection products, including mugs, spoons, jars & bottles.

    Nutr is a kitchen & wellness company and creator of the patent-pending Nutr Machine – a signature product that makes nut and plant-based milks at the push of a button, in mere minutes. Rich and creamy dairy-free milks can now be made fresh from your countertop, in a sleek, compact and versatile machine to make a variety of recipes.

    With the Nutr Machine, a fresh glass of nut milk can be as simple as nuts and water. Really. Put ease and the power of whole ingredients back in your kitchen with Nutr, without the nut bag mess, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Nutr also offers a Living Collection product line, with a selection of mugs, jars and more to supplement your plant-based milk-making journey.

    Nutr encourages consumers to live more sustainably by reducing waste with a single-serving machine, ditching the emissions-heavy dairy industry, and the cartons from store-bought milk. Partnering with One Tree Planted, Nutr promises to plant a tree for each Nutr Machine sold.

    Nutr Machine

    Why Nutr?

    Living healthy made easy, know exactly what your nut milk contains!


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      Nutr also has a range of stylish accessories called the Living Collection:

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