Cold-Pressed Raw Ginger

    Our ginger is organic and doesn’t contain any artificial flavourings. We take pride in giving you the original taste without the processed junk, which is not good for maintaining a healthy immune system, and lifestyle.

      Fully-Charged Sorrel

      Our Sorrel is hand-picked from soil-rich environments in sun drenched countries that provide the nutrients your body needs. Its natural citrus-like flavour is maintained in our sorrel drinks (still and sparkling). Experience the Caribbean taste with the health benefits — as it should be.

      Using natural ingredients from The Caribbean and biodegradable bottles, OTC beverages has produced a range of natural and healthy drinks for today’s consumer. They use

      cold-pressing techniques to preserve 100% of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. The company produces a range of drinks that include Sorrel and Ginger which are widely known as healthy, and natural internal cleansers for the body. The drinks come in still or sparkling.

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