The University of the Philippines (UP) is the country’s National University. As a premier institution of higher learning, it was established in 1908 and is now a university system with eight constituent universities, among them, the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) located on a sprawling university town and bounded on the south by a tropical mountain and a lake on the north.

The tropical mountain known as Makiling is an ASEAN Heritage Park and managed by the University where pioneering research is undertaken. UPLB is a premiere academic and research institution in agriculture, food, animal, dairy sciences, plant breeding, among many other disciplines of higher learning. UPLB’s forebears generated countless breakthroughs in research and established trailblazing leadership in agriculture, veterinary medicine, and forestry education in the country and in Southeast Asia. Its pioneering programs in these fields have been the models and norms of colleges and universities offering the same programs nationwide. In addition, more recent programs have, likewise, become models for universities in the Philippines and in the Southeast Asian region.

These are in the fields of engineering, environmental science, development communication, economics and management, policy and governance, human ecology, information and communication technology, human and environmental management, and basic sciences. Our research and extension agenda envision UPLB as an agora or marketplace of pioneering and demand-driven research and extension for development and innovation – through systems thinking, solutions-making, and future-proof paradigms. UPLB AGORA is our unified research and extension that stands for Accelerating Growth for One Research and Extension in Action. It has four focus areas on food security and sovereignty, one health, resilience and sustainability, and future communities and institutions. Visit our website to learn more!


    Calamansi juice

    [Citrus microcarpa Bunge] - an all-natural juice drink that’s rich in Vitamin C and provitamin A. Indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia, it is commonly used as an acidulant in various food products such as condiments, jams, and jellies.

      Purple Yam ‘Ubi’ Powder

      Made from tubers of Dioscorea alata L. and contains high levels of starch making it a rich source of calories in the diet. The product is highly regarded for its appealing color and antioxidant properties due to its anthocyanin content. It is a very popular food ingredient in bakery and confectionery products among others.

        LB Vino

        A sweet fruit alcoholic (12%) beverage made from mango and Philippine berry fruits that are sun-ripened premium. The wine gives a unique taste and delicate aroma.

          Manok Galâ

          dubbed as the “Happy Chickens” of the University Animal Farm are cockerels (young rooster) from layer breeders raised under strict animal welfare standards and fed with organic feeds. The Happy Chickens is the product of a project that determined the appropriateness of cockerels from the layer industry as meat source when grown as free-ranged chickens. These chickens were grown following the Philippine National Sta

            The University Meat Shop

            Prides itself with a range of meat products that ensures quality and safety. All ingredients used at the UMS are meticulously formulated by our experts and are produced without artificial color or flavor. To support the local meat industry, our products are locally sourced. Since our products are produced with minimal preservatives, they have shelf life of up to six (6) months under freezing condition.

              DTRI Dairy Products

              UPLB’s pride products since 1962, DTRI products are made from 100% pure cows’ milk. DTRI products are pasteurized and homogenized, produced without any preservatives or additives. Our products are guaranteed fresh, nutritious, tasty, safe, and sustainably produced for everyone's enjoyment.

                UPLB Feed Products

                DTRI Silage in Bags intends to solve the problems on feed quality and availability due to seasonal variation. This packed silage product is produced during wet season and made available to ruminant farmers during the time of feed scarcity. It is standardized to ensure feed quality for consistent animal performance.

                  IPB Var 6 Corn Grits

                  Made from an improved white quality protein maize variety. These grits have low glycemic index and are more nutritious, with high lysine and tryptophan.

                    SNAP Hydroponics Technology

                    A soilless alternative food production system that uses water, affordable and recycled materials and proprietary SNAP A and B solutions to grow vegetables in a passive system. The technology is suitable to use in urban areas and where there are limited spaces for crop production. It shortens crop production cycle allowing more opportunity to grow vegetable crops at a lesser cost.

                      IPB Seeds and Planting Materials

                      High quality, bred and developed by IPB breeders and scientists. IPB promotes the utilization and adoption of quality seeds, seedlings, vegetative planting materials, asexually propagated fruit trees, and tissue-cultured plantlets of recommended crop varieties as part of boosting farmers’ livelihood and agricultural development.

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