Vertical Farming Technology

    • Technology – Proprietary Hardware and Software Solutions – Designed, Built, and Installed
    • R&D Search, Discovery and Scientific Advancement
    • Consulting Delivering Insights and Defining Strategy
    • Operating Operate and Monitor

    Vertical Future is a vertical farming technology and research company, headquartered in Central London. Our technologies, insights, and data empower and enable people to grow produce in a more sustainable way, closer to the point of consumption.

    In doing so, we want to make populations healthier, also reducing food-related inequalities. Our advanced hardware and software solutions can be found on several continents and we are constantly looking for new projects, challenges, and research opportunities. To deliver on this, we have a highly experienced team – divided across engineering, plant science, operations, and software engineering.

    The Vertical Future story began with operations, with the building of a small vertical farm in Southeast London in 2016 and the formation of Minicrops, which grew and delivered fresh produce (6 days a week) to hundreds of restaurants and thousands of homes.

    From these experiences, we’re positioned to be able to not only build new high-tech farms across the globe – but operate them or at a minimum, advise on how to operate them too.

    Research is a growing area for our business. We have funded and non-funded research projects and collaborations – from seed treatment and breeding through to genetics and phytopharmaceuticals.

    With passion, knowledge, and innovation at its core, we are committed to empowering people to produce high-quality, nutrient rich crops in the most optimal, efficient, and sustainable way. We wholeheartedly believe that through the power of technology and human ingenuity, we can tackle climate change, reduce inequalities, and improve population health, building a better future for all.

    A Vertical Future is one where global crop production is no longer at threat, humans are healthier, and there is a better balance between population growth and the natural world.

    Sales contact:

    Gustav Holst Stuge, Chief Commercial Officer


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