2022 Exhibitors

Some of the exhibitors participating at the Sustainable Foods Conference

our vision for sustainable foods

The world’s major food companies, engaged in trade, processing, production, and consumer sales around the world, play a major role in the future of food sustainability, and therefore have a crucial key part to play in the transformation to sustainable/regenerative food systems.

Equally, it is essential that we support the next generation of sustainable food brands that have fresh ideas, and new technologies by connecting them with our portfolio of investors to accelerate production, while sharing best practice across the food supply chain.

We have a duty to respond to society’s changing attitudes towards how our food is made, and what impact its production is having on our climate. We can see strong evidence of how future generations will behave as buyers, and how they are becoming increasingly impatient with existing food production methods.

We believe that by building a global platform for the sustainable food industry, where brands of all shapes and sizes, can come together, exchange ideas and learnings, we can work together to help to reduce the impact the food industry is having on our planet.

By staging our second Sustainable Food Conference we will create an ecosystem of corporates, investors, entrepreneurs, and consultants who are exchanging autonomously to accelerate the sustainability transition.

Thomas Chevallier

Event Director

Food Technologies at the Sustainable Foods Conference

The Sustainable Food Conference showcases a variety of companies working toward solving some of the world’s most pressing food challenges. Exhibiting mission-driven enterprises, the Conference enables you to source best partners to help your companies sustainable journey. 

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