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Food Techies Finland

Creating the next generation of thinkers and doers in Finland’s FoodTech Ecosystem

We are a community that seeks to challenge the status quo. We believe we need to change our relationship with food, and that the best way to do that is through innovation and technology.

Built together, run by a new generation of thinkers and doers, supported by various communities, schools and cities, allowing and accelerating growth through cross-disciplinary teams both online and offline

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Kok Projekt

Kök Projekt is a business development company which operates in the food industry. We build solutions to adopt, support and nurture the growth of food entrepreneurs. Our mission is to create food, agriculture, and water (FAW) projects to generate sustainability for the future of the food. Our primary purpose is to encourage and set a foundation for entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas about food, agriculture, and water. As a food entrepreneurship consultancy, we direct, cultivate and grow food startups.

We are working to expand the food sector from Turkey to the Middle East and the North African region by building new projects for the sustainability of food, agriculture, and water (FAW). By establishing an Istanbul centered entrepreneur ecosystem, we plan to develop the future of the food globally. Our circular economic approach covers the product’s journey beyond consumption. With our global and local network, we lead the way for our entrepreneur clients.

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Protein Report

Protein Report is an information resource, industry platform, and the only publication entirely dedicated to protein—the business, science, and culture of how protein is produced, distributed, and consumed. Our purpose is to support innovation, development, and education regarding challenges of existing food systems and emerging solutions. Established in 2018, our users include food industry professionals, investors, researchers, policy makers, consumers, and other stakeholders with an interest in protein, food, agriculture, and science.

Our mission is to change how the world thinks about food by making science- and evidence-based information about protein more accessible to wide-ranging audiences. This work is driven by the possibility of a brighter future in which sacrifices of the earth’s ecosystems, public health, and animal welfare are no longer necessary. We view feeding the world as an optimization problem with information as a key input. That’s why we’re focused on shaping the protein information landscape to support better informed dialogue, policy decisions, product innovations, marketing strategies, and consumer behavior.

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CellAgri is a news and insights platform that explores the future of food with cellular agriculture. We share the latest news and updates relating to the ever-changing field of cellular agriculture, from the latest updates to the growing number of companies around the world.

We offer a number of resources to help visitors learn more about cellular agriculture and how it can help us develop a sustainable food system for the future, from events to the first eBook about cellular agriculture. CellAgri’s platform also tracks and promotes all the major and upcoming players in the field. Providing them the ability to post and share their latest news and job openings.

Ultimately, we aim to promote a dialogue about this emerging field as a future alternative to the present livestock agricultural system.

CellAgri offers a range of services for companies and investors interested in the future of food with cellular agriculture. Fill out our contact form if you would like to get in touch!

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