My Emissions offers quick, simple, and affordable carbon labels to food companies, helping to establish them as a sustainable food brand and reach more climate-conscious customers.

Food is responsible for at least 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions, and offers one of the best ways to quickly reduce our impact on the planet. It’s also a major concern for consumers, with 83% of people thinking about the environment when making a purchase. This is why we believe all food companies should be able to see and understand their carbon footprint.

My Emissions started from our frustration at the time and cost of consultancies- carbon labelling shouldn’t cost the earth, nor take 2-3 months to complete. From day 1, our focus has been on making the process accessible to everyone.

Our core service is calculating your carbon footprint, so you can understand your impact and display a carbon label on your product or menu. All products and meals are given the total carbon footprint (measured in ‘CO2e’) and a rating from A to E. We have many carbon label templates to suit your product or menu, but there is some flexibility to design your own.
You will also receive a detailed carbon report, so you can properly see and understand your carbon footprint. This forms the basis of our analysis, identifying emission hotspots and how to reduce your impact.

And finally, we actively support you in launching and communicating the results. On top of the carbon label and design, we can also compare your food with a similar product, meal, or service, with the results as either a percentage comparison or equivalent impact.

My Emissions already works with companies throughout the food sector, including food products like One Planet Pizza, grand and go providers like Simply Lunch, and restaurant chains like Camile Thai. Our clients range from small businesses (and even start-ups) to much bigger food manufacturers and corporations.
If you want a demo, then make sure to check out the lunch on day 1 which will be carbon labelled by us. And if you’re interested in carbon labelling then please come and say hello!