The Welsh Sustainability Cluster’s vision is to make Welsh food & drink the most sustainably produced in the world and to shout about it. Under the 4 pillars of Promoting Best Practice, Building Awareness, Developing Skills and Improving Knowledge, Insight and Research, the Cluster supports Welsh producers on their journey towards becoming more sustainable businesses.


Stem & Glory is a plant-based restaurant brand aiming to disrupt the casual dining scene with locations in Cambridge and London, and a third site at London’s Broadgate Circle due to open in April 2022.

Stem & Glory are also growing with direct-to-consumer products such as ready meals and retail merchandise.

Stem & Glory is an outspoken champion on issues that are vital to our planet, our economy, and our wellbeing. Their restaurants are powered by 100% renewable energy and gas free kitchens. Sustainability is high on the agenda, from the providence of their produce to their up-cycled furniture, and they have an ambitious net zero target.

Stem & Glory have won multiple awards, including ‘Best Newcomer’ in the Cambridge Food and Drink awards in 2017, to ‘Best Vegan Restaurant in London’ shortly after opening the London flagship. Stem & Glory pitched Dragon’s Den style at the Global Restaurant Investment Forum in Feb 2020 and won ‘Most Investable Concept’. More recently Stem & Glory won ‘Best Enterprising Business’ at the National SME Awards in Dec 2021.


Our Products:​

Organic Tempeh: Guided by our Indonesian roots and tempeh know-how, our Organic Tempeh is so good you’ll be baking it, frying it or stirring it into all your favourite curries and stir-fries.
Tempeh Mince: Lightly seasoned and incredibly versatile, Tempeh Mince is so good you’ll be stirring it into all your favourite bolognese, chilli and nachos dishes.
BBQ Tempeh Strips: Rubbed in a smoky BBQ marinade, our BBQ Tempeh Strips are so good you’ll be adding them to all your favourite wraps, salads and stir-fries.
Roast Tempeh Bites: Flavoured with thyme and rosemary, our Roast Tempeh Bites are so good you’ll be adding them to all your roasts, sandwiches and salads.
Curry Tempeh Bites: Made using only a handful of flavour-boosting oils and spices such as cumin and tumeric, our Curry Tempeh Bites are so good you’ll be adding them to all your favourite wraps, salads and stir-fries.
Smoky Tempeh Rashers: Soaked in a sweet & smoky paprika marinade, our Smoky Tempeh Rashers are so good you’ll be frying them up with all your English breakfasts, avocado toasts or BLTs.

Sales contact:

07766 926280

Email: sales@betternaturetempeh.co