Our Vision

our vision for sustainable foods

A Great Start to a Very Long Journey!

Sustainable Foods London is the UK’s only dedicated Sustainable F&D industry event and we know that it has never been more important to unite sustainable professionals under the one roof.

Our event is now firmly established as a credible way to exchange ideas and ultimately change attitudes throughout the F&D industry, and beyond. Sustainable Foods London is a unique, independent platform that not only offers valuable insight into what is happening in the industry today, but it is the place where truly sustainable products are showcased, and ideas are formed, and plans are made.

Hundreds of sustainable buyers, brands and industry leaders chose to attend Sustainable Foods London 2022, and we are honoured and humbled that the industry has made our event the ‘go to event’ for sustainability.

We believe that the sustainable F&D industry deserves focus, and it is not enough to simply add a few topics to an agenda or create a small area inside an existing show. The sustainable F&D industry is worth a staggering £15bn with one in three consumers claimed to have stopped purchasing certain brands or products because they had ethical or sustainability related concerns about them, with 34% choosing brands that have environmentally sustainable practices.

And while we expect the war in Ukraine, rising energy prices and inflation to slow growth in 2022, the move to sustainable products is inevitable if we are to reduce the environmental impact of feeding the world’s population.

Recent studies have shown us that attitudes are changing towards how our food is made, and what impact its production is having on our climate. We can see strong evidence of how future generations will behave as buyers, and how they are becoming increasingly impatient with existing food production methods.

We will continue to deliver a powerful, inspiring and challenging platform and all we ask in exchange is that you continue to use Sustainable Foods London as an important event in the sustainable F&D calendar.

Thank you

Hussein Allawi

Event Director

Why speak at the sustainable food conference?

  • Articulate your company’s Sustainability and Impact message.
  • Organise several meetings on a single platform, at one time, efficiently streamlining your resources
  • Strengthen relationships with ESG, Impact and Responsible Investors.

Food Technologies at the Sustainable Foods Conference

The Sustainable Food Conference showcases a variety of companies working toward solving some of the world’s most pressing food challenges. Exhibiting mission-driven enterprises, the Conference enables you to source best partners to help your companies sustainable journey. 

Which Technologies are Represented?

Previous Clients

Better Nature

World’s first food-tech company focused on tempeh fermentation and innovation.


Entoprotech is a circular economy company engaged in food waste treatment and processing.


Transforming Agriculture with AIoT.

Intelligent Growth Solutions

IGS brought together decades of farming and engineering experience to create an agritech business with a vision to revolutionise the indoor growing market.

TIPA Compostable Packaging

Tipa is challenging the way we think of packaging and the problems associated with plastic.

Get involved?

To take part in the debate at Sustainable Foods Conference: Contact Jessica Bennett