Food Technologies

In 2015 the UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, encompassing 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals address the grave economic, social and environmental challenges confronting us, guiding societies to be more just and sustainable providing a better future for both people and planet.
Sustainable Enterprises have a crucial role to play in achieving the SDGs, innovating to solve sustainable development challenges in creative ways to further job creation and drive the economy. The SDGs represents a strategy for growth and not a hinderance, representing an estimated US$12 trillion opportunity for the private sector. Paul Polman, the former CEO at Unilever – and long-standing champion of sustainable business – has called it “the greatest economic opportunity of a lifetime”.

Food Technologies at the Sustainable Foods Conference

The Sustainable Food Conference showcases a variety of companies working toward solving some of the world’s most pressing food challenges. Exhibiting mission-driven enterprises, the Conference enables you to source best partners to help your companies sustainable journey. 

Which Technologies are Represented?

Why speak at the sustainable food conference?

  • Articulate your company’s Sustainability and Impact message.
  • Organise several meetings on a single platform, at one time, efficiently streamlining your resources
  • Strengthen relationships with ESG, Impact and Responsible Investors.

Does this sound compelling?

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