Why Exhibit

The event features a dedicated exhibition space showcasing a carefully curated selection of innovative foods, services, and technologies where investors, multi-nationals, and established food brands can taste, feel, and engage with products at the forefront of sustainability.  

sustainable foods exhibition
Showcase Your Innovation

Begin the next stage in your sustainable journey by taking a featured booth at the event where you can showcase your products to hundreds of ‘like-minded’ investors and buyers on the look-out for the next ‘big thing’ in food and drink. You’ll also be able give more established food and drink brands and selected multi-nationals the chance to find out what makes your product so special, and unique. Here's a list of just some of the food brands working with Sustainable Foods; Clara Foods, Gold & Green Foods, Growing Underground, Impact Snacks, Impossible Foods, Koidra...

Meet Your Partner

We expect hundreds of investors and consultants to attend the live event over the two-days. These carefully selected Family to large-scale investment businesses are hungry to discover new and exciting sustainable products to support. Sustainable Foods Conference and Exhibition organisers have built powerful and meaningful relationships with hundreds of investors over previous events to ensure that they a well-primed for investment before they attend our event. And if they love what you do as much as we do, then we expect you to come away from the event with new a raft of new opportunities.

Work With Bigger Brands

We talk to thousands of global brands that want to grow their food and drink sustainability product portfolios to meet skyrocketing demand both here in the UK, and internationally. The event features many major high-street names that will visit your stand, discuss, touch and taste your products, and hear your story.

Build Your Brand Profile

Booking a stand at Sustainable Foods Conference and Exhibition isn’t just about finding a deal that’s right for your business. It is also about preparing your business for its next step by putting your brand firmly in front of businesses that share your values and vision for the future. By showcasing your products at our event; you are telling the sustainable community that you are here, and want to part of a long-term sustainable solution.

Go Global

Working with us will get your brand in front of a vast global sustainability community. As an exhibitor will be integrated in every part of our marketing campaign that will maximise exposure for your brand across every platform we use.

  • Popup shell-scheme space (Over 300 visitors)
  • Inclusion in our event collateral (20,000 investors, brands and multi-nationals)
  • A dedicated web page with images, copy and contact details (Up to 45,000 UVs).
  • Inclusion in email campaign (1.1 million emails).
  • Inclusion in social/paid media campaigns (1.3 million reach).
  • Dedicated posts across social media platforms.
  • A dedicated marketing person to integrate your product story and objectives into our campaigns.

We're Friends for Life

From the moment you book your stand we will begin a partnership where we work hard to help you to get the recognition you deserve. We'll leave no stone unturned until we know that you're happy, and that you have succeeded in your objectives. At Sustainable Foods we share the same values and we see every exhibitor as partner or a friend. And as you'd expect, we continue working for you long beyond our event to deliver ROI for your business.